Wow, I fail at blogging…

March 12, 2010

So,  I’m in Disney!  I have been here for a little more than a month so far.  I am loving it!  I do miss home, but I have been too busy to think about it.  I’ll give a quick recap of my time here so far, and then hopefully I’ll actually make time to post regularly from now on.

The first few days were such a whirlwind!  Mom and I drove down in a shiny new Hyundai Accent complete with satelite radio.  Thanks avis!  We stopped the first night  in Gulfport, Mississippi.  The Holiday Inn we spent the night in was VERY nice.  Mom wanted to steal the flat screen tv from our room!  We had a nice dinner at Hooter’s (Haha!), then got up bright and early the next day for the rest of the drive.  After stopping at some super cheezy souvenir shops in FL, we made our way to Orlando.  The La Quinta Inn we stayed at was right across from Universal Studios.  It definitely was not as nice as the Holiday Inn the night before, but we didn’t care!  We had made it 🙂 

Since we had an entire day before check-in, we decided to go to the beach on Sunday.  We drove to Cocoa Beach even though it was cold and kinda gloomy.  We spent some time walking around the beach and this little nature reserve area next to it.  Then we went to lunch at a corny restaurant on the beach.  The food was so-so, but the sky had cleared so the view was awesome!  The drinks were good, too 😉

After lunch we drove around town for a while.  We went to a couple seedy gift shops, complete with dead baby sharks in jars!  We also saw the Space Center (from far away), and drove over to see all  of the cruise ships up close.  Then we went back to the hotel, had dinner and went to bed early to get ready for the big move-in day!

On the big day,  I met my roommate Kelly at 7:15am in the line for check in.  They didn’t actually let us in until about 8:30.  We went through the whole registration process for our apartment, and decided that we also wanted Beth (who was in line with us) to live with us too.  After we got our keys, we dropped our bags off at Chatham 5203 and caught a bus to the Disney Casting building.

Okay, that is all for now.  I need to go to bed!  But I’ll finish the story tomorrow.

One Week!!!

January 29, 2010

I’ll probably be somewhere in east Texas or Louisiana this time next week.  On my way the most magical place on earth!  Yesterday, I found out from someone on the inside that I’ll be working at the Magic Kingdom : )  I’ll be walking the utilidors underneath the park every day!  So exciting!  But actually, I’m really nervous.  I have barely even packed!  It’s not the CP that I’m nervous about though, it’s the idea of leaving everything that I know for 6 months.  I’ve never been gone for that long.  The longest trip I’ve ever been on without my family is a week-long leadership conference when I was 16.  Even then I was  around friends for the trip.  So leaving my family and friends for so long is scary to me!  So much can change in 6 months.  I wish I could just leave everything in a time warp while I’m gone, so when I come back nothing will have changed!  But everyone keeps telling me that I’ll be too busy to miss anyone, and that I’ll be having a great time.  I sure hope so! 

Today I’m going to go to TCC to see the art show I’m in at the library.  Maybe I’ll get some good pictures.  Then later I’m going out on the town with Adi and Sarah!


January 26, 2010

It’s a good day, here is why:  I’m in an awesome mood and it is just beautiful outside!  I just listened to the new Midlake album for the 1st time.  I think it’ll grow on me, I wasn’t sure about their other CDs 1st listen either.  Mom made tortilla soup today, delicious!  Now I’m just working on getting stuff packed for Disney.  I think I’ll go to Wal-Mart soon, too.  Then, I am going to see Swing at Artisan tonight 🙂  Definitely a nice and busy day.

Two Weeks

January 22, 2010

Only two weeks left until I leave for Disney.  Yesterday Mom, Cameron and I  played hookie from our responsibilities and went to museums.  We went to the Modern and Kimbell.  Then we gorged on fried food at No Frills.  Tomorrow is “get stuff done” day.  I have a huge list of errands to run, phone calls to make, and loose ends that need tying.

At The Modern:


January 9, 2010

Hey!  So it’s 27 days until I leave for Lake Buena Vista, FL.  I’m leaving bright and early at 6am on February 5.  I will be a Vacation Planner in the Walt Disney World college program from February 8 until August 13.  So many friends and family members have been telling me to keep them updated while I’m gone, so I thought starting a blog might be a good way to do that!  I’ll try to post as much as possible, with pictures and such.  I figured at the very least it will serve as a scrapbook for me when I get back.  I don’t know, We’ll see how this goes…